A1 TMC | 29th Jan.| Compitition

Do You Like Competition?

Some people hate it with a passion. Can’t sleep when they face it. They get nauseous, anxious, just freak out or freeze when faced by the “opponent”.While others are delighted to jump into the game and get ready to rumble!
Do you like competition? I love it! 
But it’s not a matter of being better than anyone else and beating the shit out of him.It’s not a matter of crushing the competition or going to war.

In fact, competition is not about the others; it’s about YOU!

When you compete, the only person you should try to beat is yourself. You should use the competitors as a source of motivation, even inspiration.


Arthur Han
VPE of A1 Toastmasters Club
Arthur had served as our VPM for two terms, now he is our Vice President of Education. With strong sense of responsibility & careful working attitude, Arthur he not only is a perfect VPE but also a perfect father.As a child’s father, he needs to transfer frequently between Beijing and Hebei. This can not stop him fight for himself, strive to be better self.

Prepared Speakers

Speaker 1:Alice         
Life is full of surprise
CC1:Ice Breaker
Speaker 2:Gracie              
The Best Gift
CC2:Organize your speech
Speaker 3:Becky             
Is your plan smart ?
AC5 Project:  The persuasive approach


时间  ▏1月29日  晚19:00-21:00地点  ▏团结湖地铁D口 恒安大厦902教室电话  ▏Evelyn Xu : 18518567270

Sarah Wang : 18626627930

Time  ▏7:00-9:00 PM ,29th Jan.

Venue ▏No.2 classroom, 9th floor, Heng An Plaza, Chaoyang District

A1Toastmasters Club
每周一,晚7:00 – 9:00 固定英文会议;
A1俱乐部是北京地区老牌的英语演讲俱乐部,隶属于Toastmasters Internatio-nal。 俱乐部创立于2008年6月18日,创立至今已经接待了数以千计的会员与访客。We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.我们致力于提高会员的公共演讲能力和领导力,专业的教育和导师系统可以很好的跟踪每位会员的教育进程。 每完成一个阶段的英语演讲或领导力的教育目标,都会获得由TI美国总部直接颁发的教育证书,已证明会员的教育程度。We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop commu-nication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


1. 正式会员会拥有由TI提供且编写的专业英语演讲培训教材,俱乐部的mentor系统会为每一位会员指派一位导师,指导会员根据教材一步步地提升自己的英语沟通能力和领导能力。2. 根据会员的教育完成的程度,会在每一个阶段收获不同的教育头衔和奖励。每一个学习阶段都有不同的证书发放。所有证书都由美国总部直接制作且邮寄给会员,同时根据会员个人需求,我们可以申请官方出具证明信直接邮寄给您的雇主,作为您在国际演讲俱乐部完成沟通和领导力教育的证明。3. 优秀会员可以成为俱乐部和地区官员参与管理事物,同样有相应的领导力证书可以获得。
4. 每周固定会议都有公共演讲的锻炼机会和提升自己领导力的机会。5. 可以参加由大区中区组织的SMART领导力培训和各种英语演讲能力的培训。
6. 结识英语演讲同好,结识各种英语演讲大牛以及国际演讲比赛冠军……

7. 每年两次中国地区英语演讲比赛峰会的参加资格,欣赏全国顶尖英语讲者的风采。各种workshop和培训课程等你参加。

Evelyn Xu : 18518567270Sarah Wang : 18626627930
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